Early Site Permit Training

Educate and guide your team in describing the purpose and end use of licenses and permits issued by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Mark Reidmeyer

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Fred Madden

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Certrec Academy’s ESP training can teach you and your staff to be proactive and manage regulatory performance while maintaining the NRC’s mission to protect people and the environment.

Through this course, you will gain access to a live course tutor and expert mentorship after the course with convenient e-delivery.

Additional topics include inspections, the significance determination process, findings and performance indicators, cross-cutting areas, enforcement, the assessment process (Action Matrix), and agency response and communication.

At Certrec, we teach what works in the real world.

What’s different about Certrec Academy’s training?

  1. A focus on the practical and making it easier to understand and remember.
  2. Strong engagement via videos, stories, thought-provoking Q&As, and mentorship.
  3. A  clear explanation of the context backed by historical perspectives.
  4.  Live tutor during e-learning and a mentor post-instruction.
  5. Numerous links, videos, and slides connected to the NRC are proven in their effectiveness in teaching theory and operations.

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